Webinar Examples

SSON - GBS Transformation & Training: IBM’s Journey

Wach this exclusive webinar on GBS transformation challenges and the development of talent management strategies, delivered by IBM and the Certified GBS Professionals (CGBSP) programme.

Gain insight into IBM’s transformation through to Global Business Services (GBS) from Dennis Liu, Service Delivery Centre Lead for IBM Global Process Services. Learn more about the challenges faced moving from single-function to multi-function, and how to introduce new skills in order to service new GBS markets.


  • Dennis Liu, Service Delivery Centre Lead, IBM Global Process Services
  • Philip King , Senior Director, GBS Solutions, The Hackett Group 
  • Darren Brindley, Associate Director, Global Corporate Relations – Management Accounting Unit, AICPA l CIMA

PEX Network - Future of BPM: How Low-Code Platforms Are Reinventing Process Management

How businesses can save time and money when they manage their businesses on a low-code platform.

Business process management software (BPMS) has proven to be the most critical software as it helps businesses to continually improve process and become more efficient. Though BPM Software has evolved from a tool that streamlines back-end processes to one that enhances customer engagement, it still requires lengthy implementations, back and forth communication with business analysts, heavy investments, and training resources. However, in this era of digital transformation, businesses need a tool that helps them quickly adapt to changing trends and evolving disruptive technologies. With a low-code BPM tool, businesses can reinvent their processes and keep pace with the rapidly changing business trends.


  • Felix Robert, Customer Success Manager, Zoho Creator

Oil & Gas IQ - How The New ISO 16530-1 Can Assist In Improving The Integrity Of Your Wells

In this post-Macondo era in the upstream oil and gas industry, well design and Integrity across the full well life-cycle is now of increasing concern to industry management and regulators. Industry research indicates that a large number of wells are affected by integrity problems.

ISO 16530-1 is intended to provide guidance to the well operator on managing well integrity throughout the well life cycle. Furthermore, ISO 16530-1 addresses the minimum compliance requirements for the well operator in order to claim conformity with this part of ISO 16530. 


  • Julie Copland, Head of Production Technology, Lloyd's Register
  • Frank Walsh, Well Examination Manager, Lloyd's Register

CX Network - 30-Minute Customer Experience Remodel Webinar: Creating a Customer-Oriented Culture

Customer centricity is not just a buzzword, it's an attitude that drives long-term monetary gains and increased brand value. But how do you make customer centricity a key part of your company's core values and measure the financial benefits?

Join Paul Long, Vice President of Enterprise Customer Experience Strategy at UnitedHealth Group, and Susan Ganeshan, Chief Marketing Officer at Clarabridge, to understand the blueprint and the tools you need to give your customer experience a whole new look.


  • Paul Long, Vice President of Enterprise Customer Experience Strategy, UnitedHealth Group
  • Susan Ganeshan, Chief Marketing Officer, Clarabridge