Webinar Recap Reports

Elevating Advocate Marketing with the Five Types of Referral

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Referrals are one of the most powerful channels that your brand can leverage, that is, if you understand how. In this concise report, Extole and eTail walk you through the key takeaways from their webinar on exploring the 5 types of referral.

Learn what they are, and where each one can be brought to bear for maximum effectiveness when you grab your copy of this awesome new report.

Achieving Regulatory Compliance With Data Lineage Solutions

Consolidating the responses of multiple data management leaders featured in ASG's webinar on data lineage solutions, this report contains best practices and information from the session to help you employ some of these solutions for yourself.

Key questions to ask are:

  • How mature is data lineage analysis today?
  • Why should we automate lineage analysis?
  • How are you currently managing your data lineage activities?
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Field Service Safety on the Road

Focusing on the effects of aggressive driving in field service, GreenRoad provides some methods that can be utilized to protect your bottom line and improve driving habits. Included within are ways in which you can:

- Identify common driver errors
- Create visibility around driver safety as a service manager
- Best practices for benchmarking your drivers

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3 Crucial Tips to Win Refer-a-Friend in 2016

Learn how Extole's team of referral marketing experts are taking on the challenge in 2016, and the three key tips they'e identified for making the most out of your brand advocates! 

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