Your Event Team

Lori Hawthorne

eTail Programme Director

Phone: 646-200-7457

Her passion is baking – pies, cakes, you name it. Lori creates the overall event strategy, content, speakers, programming...and you'll likely find her at the conference running around like a crazy person.

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Gaianti Raj

Senior Marketing Manager

Phone: 646-200-7446

Gaianti started working at WBR straight out of college - it's been 12 years and she’s still going strong. Gaianti handles all media partnerships and ensures the marketing team stay sane.

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Matthias Clock

Marketing, Social Media & Content Manager


Moved to NYC from the west coast and brought a taste for great content with him. During the day, Matthias cooks up insightful articles, reports, and social chatter. At night, you can find him dancing tango, playing piano, or enjoying a glass of scotch.

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Amir Sebahat

Marketing Director

Phone: 646-200-7462

He’s from London, UK, but don’t hold that against him. Aside from trying to make sure that everyone understands his accent, Amir’s day is spent driving the Marketing team forward.

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Michelle Millard

Sponsorship Director

Phone: 1-646-200-7488

Now living in San Francisco, Michelle has been selling the WBR eCommerce Portfolio for 13 years and stays super busy with her two young daughters. Michelle looks after the Sponsorship and Exhibition sales.

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Chet Silverman

Sponsorship Sales Manager

Phone: 1-646-200-7478

From Brooklyn, NY, never met a steak he didn’t like. Chet looks after the Sponsorship and Exhibition sales.

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Steven Peters

Head of Attendee Registrations

Phone: 1-416-597-4782

Behind every great show there is a person, and this Canuck is the person calling and emailing you.

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Tara Tripp

Retailer Registration Manager

Phone: 1-646-200-7532

From Long Island NY and sounds every bit of it. Tara handles all retailer registrations for eTail.

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Meghan Unger

Head of Meeting Planning

Phone: 646-200-7498

Yoga. Skiing. Just recently learnt how to surf. Oh and she's been working for WBR for 10 years! From AV, the sessions, electricity, water to the games, Meghan organizes and makes sure everything runs well on-site.

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Cheryl Porter

Meeting Planner

Phone: 646-200-7832

A high school softball state champ, Cheryl is the sporty one out of the team. She loves the Giants and the Yankees, as well as a good glass of wine. Cheryl ensures that everything runs smooth on the day

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Caitlin Vance

Event Coordinator

Phone: 646-200-7827

From New Jersey, Caitlin has never entered a hula-hooping contest, but is very confident she would win. Loves Twix bars, March Madness, red wine, and tex-mex. Caitlin will be coordinating logistics for eTail.

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Delnaz Bhopti

Head of Customer Service

Originally from India, now living in New York and loves to hike around the world. Delnaz (‘Del’) manages the Customer Service team and makes sure all your questions and inquiries get answered.

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