Markets We Serve

Markets We Serve

Uniquely positioned to deliver content where it counts

WBR Digital is able to create the content that your audience is looking for and deliver it directly to where they are looking for it, through our cross-industry network of senior level events.

Our conferences represent some of the most well-known and respected summits for thought leadership and innovation in their industries, providing sponsors with the ideal opportunity to build brand awareness and connect directly to the most influential decision makers in their markets.

Our flagship events include:

eTail (eCommerce)

The eTail event series has grown since 1999 from a conference of 100 people to a multinational network of events. Thousands of ecommerce executives each year attend conference locations in Brazil, the U.K., Germany, France, Denmark and Canada. With a global footprint and a deeply rooted history, the eTail conference series provides highly valuable exposure and opportunities to event sponsors.

ProcureCon (Procurement and Sourcing)

ProcureCon is the premier name in C-suite level procurement and sourcing conferences, with segmented events covering verticals including IT, digital and marketing, and pharmaceuticals. With ProcureCon events spanning across industries and global markets, they provide both incredible scope and targeting potential for solutions providers.

Field Service (Service and Support)

Since 2002, Field Service has allowed executives in the service and support space to come together, benchmark best practices, and share actionable insights. Currently, the Field Service series has events on both coasts and in Europe, offering service executives across industries the chance to network, benchmark their performance, and gain exposure to the technologies that are shaping the direction of future competition. With representation each year from global brands, Field Service is the high-profile conference in it’s market.

Multi-Industry Supply Chain Logistics

The WBR Logistics conference series began over a decade ago as a forum to address the cross-industry challenges and opportunities within the complex world of global logistics. As it has grown, it has served as the model for subsequent targeted logistics conferences in the medical, pharma, and chemical space. Event agendas prime attendees for rigorous hands on learning within a collaborative environment, setting our logistics events apart from run-of-the-mill conferences as a center for thought leadership.