Oil & Gas IQ - How The New ISO 16530-1 Can Assist In Improving The Integrity Of Your Wells

In this post-Macondo era in the upstream oil and gas industry, well design and Integrity across the full well life-cycle is now of increasing concern to industry management and regulators. Industry research indicates that a large number of wells are affected by integrity problems.

ISO 16530-1 is intended to provide guidance to the well operator on managing well integrity throughout the well life cycle. Furthermore, ISO 16530-1 addresses the minimum compliance requirements for the well operator in order to claim conformity with this part of ISO 16530. 

Watch this On Demand Webinar to:

  • Appreciate how the new ISO 16530-1 can form a baseline for improving the integrity of your wells.
  • Understand how the new ISO 16530-1 can assist in the process of managing well integrity during each of the 6x well life-cycles.
  • Hear about best practice in well integrity management.
  • Benefit from a discussion on meeting regulatory requirements.


  • Julie Copland, Head of Production Technology, Lloyd's Register
  • Frank Walsh, Well Examination Manager, Lloyd's Register

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