We can now target our event prospects and attendees and online communities members while they search the internet and interact on social media with remarketing.

Remarketing is a form of marketing, in which you can target people who have either previously visited a website, or are a contact in your database (for example a lead or customer), with banner ads on display networks across the web. Retargeting helps to create brand awareness and traction through repeated exposure.

Remarketing might sound complicated, but it’s not - just provide the ad creative and we take care of the rest!


Prospect visits IQPC website 
and/or you provide us
with an list of contact emails.

An invisible, unobtrusive,
JavaScript tag in the
footer of our websites
leaves a ‘cookie’ in the
browser of every visitor.

Ad Campaign Activities.
When the visitor leaves our
site, that cookie notifies
retargeting platforms to serve
specific co-branded adverts
when they visit other sites.

Prospect is targeted with
your ad and linked back to
your landing page.

To learn more about remarketing, email or call us to discuss your business marketing goals:

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  • Asia, Middle East, Australia and ROW: +61 421 506 390