Sponsored webinars are one of the strongest solutions for those looking to generate revenue through their marketing. Webinars (or webcasts) are online seminars with both audio and visual content broadcast to a live audience and/or offered in a recorded on-demand format.

A custom webinar allows you to engage with a captive audience from your target demographic, establishing thought leadership and resulting in high quality sales leads.

  • Raise brand awareness 
  • Thought leadership
  • Educate the marketplace
  • Achieve measureable results
  • Lead generation
  • Industry specific, targeted marketing

Fully Managed Production and Promotion

Our dedicated team of experts make webinars easy and the perfect option for metrics-driven companies that want to track the results of their marketing spend.


  • Development: Our editors can help with, or lead the webinar topic creation and recruit speakers, analysts, and other experts to present your subject. Our most successful webinars often involve the presentation a client’s case study and sharing the benefits of your solution with attendees.
  • Hosting: We co-ordinate the set-up of the webinar, including format, structure, streaming services, registration, data capture, surveys, polls, and attendee confirmation emails.


  • It’s not just about the webinar itself and the resulting sales leads; with an expertly managed campaign, you get multiple touchpoints with your audience and therefore multiple opportunities to build brand awareness and communicate with prospects, both before and after the webinar. We utilize dedicated email invitations, SEO, PPC, remarketing, social media and other online initiatives to drive branding and attendance.

View examples of our webinars with commercial partners