Procurement in the Pilot’s Seat: The 2017 ProcureCon Travel Benchmarking Report

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In the recent past, proving the value of Travel and Meetings to key business stakeholders could be a challenge. Today, the value of Travel and Meetings is well established, and businesses across the spectrum of maturity and industry are embracing the category with confidence. The next step is managing value creation and establishing metrics such as ROI that capture the attention of leaders within the business.

Key topics include:
  • Managing corporate travel & meetings in a global age
  • Procurement’s role in travel sourcing
  • Developing Procurement’s visibility of Travel and Meetings spend through technology

Benchmarking Performance Marketing Adoption within Financial Services Strategies

The fundamental principle of performance-based marketing is that all activities should be tracked, measured, and recorded, and that marketing partners should be rewarded based on their performance. This report benchmarks the extent to which financial services companies are using various channels and highlights performance-oriented partner and affiliate marketing as part of the marketing mix.

Learn how financial services companies are:

  • Expanding their investments in performance-based marketing
  • Driving customer retention through nontraditional programs

How Retailers are Meeting Consumer Demands for Mobile

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This report is based on the results of an on-site survey delivered to leading industry professionals attending the Mobile Shopping Summit in October 2016. The research identifies opportunities for retailers to increase customer loyalty, and build mobile strategies that will enable their success, including:

  • Personalizing the mobile experience using customer data
  • Improving customer relationships with push notifications
  • Enabling targeted marketing for mobile shoppers
  • Increasing customer engagement and lifetime value

CPO Study 2017: Exploring the Role of Technology in Procurement Strategic Transformation

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The role of procurement is changing, though the core commitment to creating value that drives its evolution remains the same. In a large part, these changes are being enabled by developments in the technology procurement has at its disposal, allowing CPOs to introduce automation, self-service buying, and detailed analytics that provide more easy-to-use tools that capture larger amounts of data. For these reasons, a center-led model is emerging as the preferred organizational structure for procurement within global organizations. In the midst of these structural changes, the role of the CPO itself is being imbued with the authority to influence the larger strategies of the businesses they serve. With increasingly detailed analytics providing insight on patterns of spending, streamlined tools for processing routine purchases, and invigorated relationships with other department heads, CPOs are entering a period where they are more influential than ever before.

Key topics include:
  • Centralization of procurement may not mean scrutiny of purchases made across a global organization; rather, a Procurement Center of Excellence now serves as a strategic command center and provider of consultative value optimization, while recognizing that certain commodities cannot be effectively globalized.
  • Procurement is looking forward to greater levels of automation, Big Data utilization, and more internal client-friendly sourcing tools in order to transcend the tactical focus of their roles, fully dedicating themselves to strategy.
  • The strategic element of procurement is widely coming to focus on the concept of value creation. Within the role, a consultative relationship with other business leaders is the new gold standard, wherein procurement seeks to collaborate around sourcing by meeting teams half way, as opposed to taking a rigid stance aimed at simple cost reduction.

Key Strategies for Global Trade Management in the Life Sciences Industry

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Covering the best practices gathered in KPIT's global trade compliance roundtable session at PharmaForce 2016, this report will show you the challenges your peers are encountering, as well as how they are optimizing their global logistics strategies.

Elevating Advocate Marketing with the Five Types of Referral

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Referrals are one of the most powerful channels that your brand can leverage, that is, if you understand how. In this concise report, Extole and eTail walk you through the key takeaways from their webinar on exploring the 5 types of referral.

Learn what they are, and where each one can be brought to bear for maximum effectiveness when you grab your copy of this awesome new report.

How Retailers Can Master Email & CRM

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The key to a good event is getting everyone engaged, and we accomplished just that at eTail East’s Pre-Conference Email & CRM Summit.

Key topics include:
  • Selecting The Right Systems
  • Using Triggered Messages
  • Successful Content Strategies

The Challenges and Opportunities Facing CDOs in 2017

Featuring the insight of leading CDO's, FIMA's latest report takes a deep dive into the best practices, challenges, and opportunities that are front of mind within the data management community. As data management progresses as a discipline, we are uncovering where the industry is going, and how it's morphing into data management 2.0.

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The 2016 ProcureCon IT Benchmarking Report

It’s an exciting time for IT and IT Procurement, as the increasing prevalence of the cloud promises new opportunities for a more agile approach to delivering software and infrastructure. With many in the IT procurement field predicting up to 20% growth in their cloud spending within the next couple of years, the technology’s adoption is as rapid as it is promising. This creates its own set of challenges for procurement.Ultimately, the increasing complexity of negotiations and contract terms means that the relationship between procurement and IT must be stronger than ever, and a collaborative approach to controlling technology spending will become more essential.

Key topics include:

  • Increasing centralization of procurement processes and adopting a center-led framework where necessary
  • Adopting solutions that can provide visibility into both SaaS and on-premises software
  • Leveraging software license entitlements to reduce license consumption
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Achieving Regulatory Compliance With Data Lineage Solutions

Consolidating the responses of multiple data management leaders featured in ASG's webinar on data lineage solutions, this report contains best practices and information from the session to help you employ some of these solutions for yourself.

Key questions to ask are:

  • How mature is data lineage analysis today?
  • Why should we automate lineage analysis?
  • How are you currently managing your data lineage activities?
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Field Service Safety on the Road

Focusing on the effects of aggressive driving in field service, GreenRoad provides some methods that can be utilized to protect your bottom line and improve driving habits. Included within are ways in which you can:

- Identify common driver errors
- Create visibility around driver safety as a service manager
- Best practices for benchmarking your drivers

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The 2016 Retail Holiday Readiness Report

The sizes of the opportunities available to brands during the holidays are mirrored by the amount of competition around them. As more and more retailers compete digitally, the brands that will successfully cut through the noise in their customers’ inboxes and social feeds will need to take the time to invest in an approach that is as personal as it is dynamic. This holiday season, digital marketers are looking to roll out email campaigns that are targeted, personal, and most importantly, meaningful.

Key topics include:
  • When to begin holiday campaigns
  • Popular strategies to improve conversions
  • Benefits of triggered emails
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In-Store Meets Online: Unifying the Retail Customer Experience

New from Future Stores and Kibo Commerce comes the latest research in integrating brick and mortar into a highly sophisticated omnichannel strategy. Get your copy to discover:

- The latest in-store technologies
- Seamlessly integrating customer data
- Fulfillment options that your customers want

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Addressing The Next Generation of CX Disruptors & Success Factors

While customer experience has become one of the most important differentiators for brands competing digitally, CX leaders can still face challenges getting the right resources and using the right metrics to make their case to key gatekeepers within their own organizations. This report, produced with InMoment, takes a close look at the disruptive factors in the market, as well as the strategies successful organizations are using. 

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3 Crucial Tips to Win Refer-a-Friend in 2016

Learn how Extole's team of referral marketing experts are taking on the challenge in 2016, and the three key tips they'e identified for making the most out of your brand advocates! 

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5 Key Strategies for Developing Enterprise Data Governance

The latest from FIMA in partnership with Informatica, this report outlines the keys to drawing a blueprint for an effective enterprise data governance practice. 

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Updating Engagment Strategies for a Changing Healthcare Market

With the importance of each decision maker engagement increased as a result of consolidated buying power in the healthcare market, getting the right shareable assets to support new opportunities is a critical part of a successful sales and marketing dynamic. In this report, produced with elandas, you'll discover three surprising integrations that can support a stronger approach to engagement while minimizing turnaround time. Read the latest on:

-Overcoming information gaps to better enable sales
-The impact of integrated healthcare networks on strategy
-Producing custom assets to support new opportunities

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3 Key Findings on CX Optimization in Financial Services 2016

Containing fresh research on the priorities of CX executives in the financial services, this new benchmark report from CXFS and OpinionLab covers the major challenges and opportunities facing the CX community, as well as the order of priority with which they are tackling new projects. 

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